Wired / Ethernet Sensor nodes with at least 6 (CT) energy consumption sensor + Home Assistant support

Thank you. I will try at that forum.

So, summary, if I got 16A circut breaker before CT measuring, still good the SCT-013-000 and not needed SCT006 importantly.

I am doing something similar. Using Arduino Shield with direct Serial to EmonCMS. I asked the question, & basically you will need to recompile the TX latest software to reflect the possible change of processor (Board setting), turn off the temperature compilation which I think is the default, then change the LED pin which is different on the shield. The communication should apparently work without change.
Please note I am in the process too, so as yet untried.
Look here for the discussion:

EmonTxV3 Continuous Monitoring Firmware (v1.0-beta)

Good Luck! Doug

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Hi, thank you for sharing this. It’s more complicated than I expected. I want to spent less time to use an energy monitor than maybe needed if I choose the open energy monitor way. It’s nice and custom but time.

Maybe 10 years earlier I simply order this, soldering, firmware changing, updating, etc… and made done for myself this monitor, maybe with wired communication. Today I have different priorities in my life. It’s just info: this project is so nice, very helpful people here, thank you again, but currently I cannot choose this way.