What's happened to emonTx V4?

Hello Paul

I appreciate that the current position does not fully meet our stated intention with the move from the EmonTx4 to the EmonPi2. I will try and explain:

  1. The emonPi2 measurement board is basically the same board as the EmonTx4 functionality wise. This is the blue board with the CT sockets and AVR-DB microcontroller core inside the case. The intention was to make one board that could be used as either an emonTx4 replacement or an emonPi2.

    • In the emonPi2 configuration it would have a RaspberryPi attached.
    • In the emonTx4 configuration it would not have a raspberrypi attached, and would transmit it’s data to an emonBase or emonPi basestation elsewhere, or connect via USB, exactly the same as you would do with the original emonTx4.
  2. It is currently possible to buy the emonPi2 without a raspberryPi for this purpose (or to allow use of an existing raspberrypi). The price with an emonVs is £201.88 inc VAT and the price without the emonVs is £144 inc VAT. See shop option ‘No RaspberryPi’

When used without the raspberryPi there is an associated firmware option to transmit the data via radio, this firmware is available from the firmware update UI (we can also upload this here for you before sending the hardware out):

  1. We still stock the emonBase if no monitoring is required at a basestation location emonBase 433Mhz (RFM69SPI) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

  2. Perhaps the main issue that we have now is that the emonPi2 price point without the raspberryPi and not including the emonVs is £144 inc VAT vs the equivalent emonTx4 price of £86 inc VAT. The previous emonTx4 + emonVs price was £120 ex VAT but £144 inc VAT if I remember correctly. So a price increase of £58 to achieve the same. The reason for the difference in price is mostly the higher cost of the enclosure and that we are currently supplying the no Pi kit with everything required for a user to add in their own Pi.

The ideal solution I think would be for us to find a way to bring the enclosure cost down on this no Pi variant of the emonPi2, which might as well be called an emonTx4 as that is how it is intended to be used.

We are also planning to bring the same 6CT extender board to the emonPi2 to give the option of extending to the full 12 channels and if you or anyone else need this extender board for an existing emonTx4 we do still have a number of these available.

I appreciate we’ve not managed to provide quite the seamless emonTx4 replacement with the emonPi2 based board (but without the Pi) yet at a similar price point. We are working on this to make this option clearer and at a closer price point in the shop. I hope to be able to update positively on this soon!