What Smart Meter does SO Energy install?

I’ve just agreed to have my supplier, SO Energy, install a smart meter. Obviously, I want to be able to use the data emenating from the meter. Unfortunately, nobody I speak to can tell me anything about the actual meter.

Has anybody on here got any info that might be useful?

If that’s “So Energy Trading Limited” in the UK, then I have some bad news for you. You’re not allowed to connect to the actual meter so it’s pretty irrelevant.

In short, there are two ways you might be able to use the data:

  1. if SO Energy has an API like the Octopus Energy one that allows you to download your data over https. I didn’t find anything published to say there is one but maybe they will tell you if you ask them;
  2. if you connect an adapter that is approved as an In Home Display or Consumer Access Device (I think those are the terms) but actually talks to a computer, probably USB. I’ve not investigated this but I think there is one.

For more detail, try these two previous discussions: