What hardware do I need to monitor PV and battery?

I have PV panels producing power through a Solaredge inverter, also a battery + Sofar ME3000 inverter which is separately coupled to the mains. The whole installation is single phase. I want to monitor it all using one CT on the AC link to the PV inverter, one CT on the AC link to the battery inverter, and one CT on the incoming connection from the grid.
I understand that I need an emonTx v4 to connect to the three CTs, together with an emonVs v1.1 voltage sensor and power supply.

I am thinking of using emoncms*org rather than running emoncms on my own hardware.
My questions:

  • If the emonTx has a wifi board installed, can it communicate direct with emoncmsorg (via my broadband connection), or do I have to have an emonbase as well, to enable the data from the CTs to get to the remote emoncmsorg server?
  • If it is possible to have emonTx communicating direct with emoncms*org, would you recommend it, or is there a downside?
  • Is there a ready made solar PV + battery app for emoncms?

Note: if I try to type emoncms.org too many times, I am not allowed to post this!

Welcome, Richard, to the OEM forum.

If all the cables come reasonably close together, or you’re able to run screened twisted pairs from the c.t. locations to a suitable place for your emonTx (in Wi-Fi range and with a mains socket, preferably on a lightly loaded circuit so that the voltage is representative), this sounds OK to me.

It should be possible to go direct via your router to emoncms.org - this was/is the intention. I’m not sure when the Wi-Fi option will be available, The Shop might be able to tell you.

The obvious one is network failure, plus emoncms.org doesn’t have some of the facilities that the local one running on your own Raspberry Pi has. On the upside, you don’t have to worry about backups and SD card failure.

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Thank you for this.

Two more questions:

  • Can emonTx communicate with emoncms.org ‘out of the box’ is some programming needed?

  • the shop doesn’t offer a wifi option for emonTx, though I have seen some discussion in the forum about wifi options for it. Are there plans to offer a wifi option for emonTx in the future?

The answer to the second is there’s certainly the intention to offer a Wi-Fi option, we’ll know the details to answer the first when the details have been decided, there will of course need to be some configuration done, but probably not programming as I understand it.

If you need more about what and when, it’s probably best to email The Shop: [email protected]

Regards WiFi, how about one of these simple adaptors? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Convert-Ethernet-Wireless-Repeater-Multi-Functional/dp/B07PMR673M/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=wireless+to+ethernet+adapter&qid=1679352999&sr=8-5

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