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USA - emon installation with outdoor primary/sub panels

thanks. that’s a nice simple iron. i have been soldering almost since walking. but pc boards are trickier than non-pc soldering, which requires a larger iron or soldering gun.

idk if the pulse would work with the meter. i might contact the manufacturer and ask if there is a way to get the information. never hurts to ask. the meters are networked and data is collected via the network. idk how it works…

If you have the time and inclination, you might want to look at my story on connecting my simple PV system to emoncms. I didn’t use emonpi or the 433 Mhz radio for my setup as I had other options.

For better or worse I bought my CT off ebay - I didn’t think the ones in the shop would fit my service feed.
My PV system is so small, I didn’t need to change the resistor in CT4.

Good luck.

thanks for the insight montgomeryb.

i did look at your system and it seems a good approach. i have never had a pi or arduino before, so there are none sitting around the house. didn’t really have a need for this type of platform. but in this situation these really shine. and the system by open energy monitor seems real fine. it will be good to have mine installed. i will post when installed.