US plug AC adapters


Unfortunately, after going through checkout and everything, after shipping, it works out to $41.46 USD to buy 1. And they’re back ordered until christmas.

Back to the digikey one.

Is that ever a rip-off! shocked

One of the few negatives to living in Canada. Shipping, exchange and import fees.

I have the TDC DA-10-09 at The Ideal sold by OEM is made by TDC, looks identical and has identical specs. The phase shift is virtually identical and the calibration with the Ideal sample I have is within 2.5%.

Price is $15 and shipping to Canada is flat-rate $10.

Not looking to corner the market on AC transformers, it’s just that I don’t think this should be such an ordeal and I would like to offer some relief.

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Thanks! I should really do more reading. I didn’t know about Iotawatt until just now. 14 inputs is more the speed that I needed in the first place!