Upgrading from low-write V9.8.30 to latest - anything to watch out for?

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Use a tool to review all your MQTT inputs being published to the emon base topic (assuming you have not changed it). Looks like you might have text where a number is expected when processing the input. You should have some idea which Input it is as it will be inactive.

If you look at the first line in the error message, it is pointing you to here

The function scale wants 3 arguments $arg, $time, $value. from the error, it is clear $value is not a number.


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Thanks, the error was my EMONTX which was connected to an ESP8266 running ESPEASY. The last feed which was the voltage kept getting an incomplete string sent to it which upset the x0.1 operation. I’ve updated that ESP to Tasmota and using OpenHAB to convert the result into usable MQTT as a temporary fix has cured the problem. I’ll move to calibrated continuous firmware on the EMONTX when I have time to calibrate it as the final fix.

@kevin, that might be useful to someone? Would you mind posing the setup on a new thread?

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I will, although I’ll wait until I’m running one of the standard issue sketches on the EMONTX. Currently I’m running a custom sketch that sends out a custom command on the Serial Port which isn’t very compatible. Due to the lack of development of ESPEASY in recent years I’m moving everything I can over to Tasmota and my EMONTX’s are one of the last to go, the current sketch fits in with a serial port on ESPEASY. Looking at the current continuous monitoring sketch it i may not need modification to work with Tasmota.

It worked with ESPEasy but doesn’t work well with Tasmota.