Update EmonTX firmware

If you are using RFu_jeelib, that was derived from JeeLib many years ago, in 2013, so it should not be having the same problems that new users are seeing.

So before I go any further, can I check what you want to do:

You want to use the continuous monitoring library on an emonTx V3.2 that’s fitted with the RFμ radio module. Is that correct?

I do have an emonTx V3.2, I am almost certain that I tested emonLibCM on it, but with the demonstration sketch that comes with the library, rather than with the GitHub “EmonTxV3CM” sketch. I shall go back to it and test again.

At the present time, I’m testing a V3.4 with a simplified version of that sketch and it has sent more than 875000 messages (at one per second) without a problem. If that runs on the V3.2, you might want to try that.


I am now testing a simplified version of EmonTxV3CM using the RFM12B version of the ‘transmit only’ code from the 3-phase sketch.

So far, it has run for 1090 messages (3 hours) so I am hopeful that this will solve your problem.

Yes, exactly. However, I currently rolled back to the original firmware (discrete sampling) on my 3 ea emonTX v3.2 which works well so far. [emonTxV3_2_DiscreteSampling]

This looks promising! Can you share what needs to be re-configured to run it on my good old V3.2s?
If it’s too complicated I can still stay on the discrete sampling sketch, but if it’s just minor adaptions I would prefer to use the latest EmonTxV3CM sketch.

I am not yet two days into testing - it is too early yet to say that this is a cure.