Undocumented API Parameters - Safe to use? Other options?

While working on building an interface library to the emonCMS (self-hosted) API, I noticed that the graphs module is calling some undocumented options on the feed/data.json end point. It looks like both skipmissing and limitinterval are valid parameters. While the meaning of these options can be deduced from the parameters in the graph module, are these considered supported parameters that others can safely use? Short of going through the code, are there other areas of the API documentation that are lagging implemented code base?

Yes, they can be safely used. It they are used by the Graph Module then they are core.

@TrystanLea just hasn’t got round to documenting them!

Appologies for the confusion.

We would be interested to hear about the interface library you are building. What are your plans for this?

Thanks, Glynn! :slight_smile:

My project is an R package to the feeds information. I’m interested in pulling data out of emonCMS for more advanced visualization and time series analysis within the R statistical framework. Basic functionality of reading the PHPFINA binary files and core /feed read access is working, but I haven’t put together a README or any examples. Once this gets closer to a dev release I’ll come back and more actively solicit input – I’d love to see what others need/could use!

GitHub - davidski/emoncmsr: 🔌Interface library for working with emonCMS energy monitoring data if you feel comfortable diving in to an undocumented codebase. :wink: