TL432G-AE3-R is no longer available from JLCPCB

@stuart It looks like the TL432G-AE3-R is no longer available from JLBPCB or LCSC. I’m assuming it’ll be okay to substitute the AZA432ANTR-E1 in it’s place.
Someone please stop me if this won’t work :slight_smile:

The current JLC BOM for version 4.21 of the boards specifies

TL432G-A-AE3-R D1 SOT-23 C171461
1.25V 50ppm/°C SOT-23(SOT-23-3) Voltage References RoHS

A suitable alternative may be:

AZ432ANTR-E1 - part number C84139

however that is also out of stock!

REF3012AIDBZR may be suitable, but is much more expensive - both of the above components have not been tested by myself, so at your own risk.

Another option is to order the complete kit from the OEM Shop (includes JST plugs and ATTINY chip) - they have boards in stock and ready for delivery (avoids the China post). DIYBMS V4.40 x8 Modules (KIT) - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

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Hi Stuart, not enough boards available in the shop (I need 20, 16s bank and a 4s bank). AZ432ANTR-E1 and TL432G-A-AE3-R not available. Any other part that can work that you’ve been made aware of?

The OEM shop is back in stock again - note the cost is for 4 module boards, not 1.

REF3012AIDBZR as mentioned above, although again untested and MUCH more expensive (like 100x !)

Hi folks, just about to build a battery with the DIYBMS V4. Trying to sort the JLCPCB order out and there’s a few components missing. Obviously the ATTINY841, no problem, I’ll source elsewhere and solder them on. The second one was capacitor C3, not a major issue, as there’s another one in the catalogue (albeit with a wider tolerance 20% rather than 10%).

Also the TL432G-A-AE3-R is out, but they do have TL432CG-AE3-R, looking at the datasheet the only difference I can see is the reference input voltage is 1.24V rather than 1.25V. Is this going to be OK?

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Hi @Ian_Jordan, you will be the first to try it, it does look very similar. Theoretically the 1.24V should be okay, you will probably find you will need to calibrate the module (using web interface). If you are only ordering a few modules, then worth a shot, but I wouldn’t order 500 of them without trying a small sample first!

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My own order with the same part swapped is on the way very close, so I will test it as well in few days.


I didn’t realise there was an online shop attached to these forums, oops! I’ve ordered from here as I only need 4 and a controller.

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Actually, it’s the other way round – The forum is the support for the products in the Megni Shop. However, Stuart designed and produced the BMS independently, then Megni agreed to stock the items.

Thanks for the update, purchased :slight_smile:

Hi, I have just built a 16s pack 320ah lifepo4 using TL432CG-AE3-R and can confirm the part works, you have to calibrate each module as default voltage reading is way under but is does calibrate fine.

Thanks for the feed back, this part is a 1.24V reference, correct?

Yes correct 1.24v. Jlpcb have them in stock. I have also checked the module with a lab supply from 2.5v to 4.2v against a fluke and the voltage readings were pretty close right across the range.

Thats good to know, thanks.

Hi @Stevesteve, can you let me know what calibration number you had to use?

Hi Stuart,
The calibration number was around 4.2 on all modules. The cal figure seems way too high but was using an AliExpress sourced reference, a second set of modules came from jlpcb with the same part number tl432CG-AE3-R fitted by JLPCB These cell modules use a cal figure of 2.2.
Looks like my original set of modules have a fake voltage reference, however they still accurately measure the voltage. I am wondering if they were 2.5v ones.

So it looks like that alternative is also no longer available. So what about TL432CSF, its a different manufacturer, but the ref voltage is 1.24


TL432CSF looks like the way to go, although it does seem not all TL432 are created equal. There have been a few quality issues with different suppliers.

The recent thread on LTO style boards used the JLCPCB part number C126100 - TL432CSF, which appears okay so far.

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