Sync of daily feeds to local EmonPi

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Has someone the final solution for syncing all the history data from to Local EmonCMS ?
I still can’t access the data synced using the Sync Module …


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@JideyF you mention the feed sizes appear the same for local and remote feeds, do you see any data in the graph or is that when you see the error you mention?

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Hi Tristan,

Now I think all is OK

What I did:

  • update Local EmonPi in Administration Tab

  • deleted all the inputs and feeds locally

  • started again a Sync with my account

I had to re-assign the Inputs to the Local Feeds in the Process Lists

I had to recreate the graphs

Then I had to re-assign the components on my different Dashboards to the local Feeds/Graphs

Now All is working Locally ! Great !!!

Many thanks !

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Great to hear!

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