Scripts to drive an Ecodan heatpump via MELCloud

I’ve been able to poll every minute throughout all of May and June, though I’d set it to do every 2 minutes overnight. However, since July 5th, I’ve not been able to poll as often, which is peculiar.

Mine stopped updating at around 17:30 on 04/07 until around 20:30 on 06/07, then was fine until around 17:30 on 11/07 and has been stale since.

I know this isn’t terribly useful, but here’s what I’ve been seeing.

Could you possibly be having upload problems where it can’t send new data via your Wifi @Dan_Nichols ?

This is what I’ve got for the past week and a half. I don’t think it’s likely to be an upload issue as the hourly reports on MELcloud are always updated (thats what I use to manually check the hot water temperature when this sensor fails). I won’t 100% rule anything out at this stage though.

There’s an option somewhere in MELCloud to say “send me an email if the uploads are failing”. I can’t remember if it’s enabled by default. It would alert you if that was what was happening.

You can also see the last few weeks in MELCloud itself to see if the flat lines correlate with the flat lines in your downloaded data.

I found the options under settings > application options and I do indeed have these set to email me in the event of an error or loss of connectivity. The only time I’ve had emails is when I’ve had internet failure (last one was mid-May).

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I reported the issue of stale hot water temperature to Mitsubishi technical support UK who apparently were’nt aware of it. The support team have referred to development so I’ll chase for an update in a week or two if I’ve not heard.