Problems with GPIO push button on self build emonPi

(Paul) #63

Sorry I don’t follow, are you saying emoncms is no longer refreshing?

Try using ctrl-f5 to see if that fixes it OR has your log in session timed out?

(tonertiffi) #64


it works everywhere else except for the feeds page.

(Paul) #65

I’m still not sure what you mean, you are showing us the graph page which is data derived from the feeds, it cannot update unless the feeds update. Which is why I suggested a clear cache to the browser.

(Paul) #66

What is that “paused” button?


(tonertiffi) #67

Gmail is paused :slight_smile:

(Paul) #68

ahh ok! :slight_smile:

(tonertiffi) #69

Ok this is what i do, and the results.
I go to the inputs and select a feed add it (log to feed)
I go to the feed page its not updating.
I delete that feed i just created (log to feed), the rest start updating.
i go out of the feed page, i go back in no feeds updating

(tonertiffi) #70

I changed on the My account,My profile, Beta Features:

Device Module Beta

was On, to OFF
started working 100%

(tonertiffi) #71

Its now 24:30pm here, will run it till the morning and let you know, If its still updating ok.

(Paul) #72

Please do. If the issue persists it sounds like something @TrystanLea should be aware of.

Just as another test, can you try using input and feed names without any special characters, it should be able to handle a couple of underscores, but you never know.

(tonertiffi) #73

Hi @pb66 ran it through the night, till now no problem, feeds r there, everything working 100%.As long as i do not switch to

(tonertiffi) #74

Hi @pb66, wondered on something, some off the gpio pins,on the RPI seem to have a low voltage not activated. I noticed that when i plug in the relay, eg IN1 signal to a random gpio pin on the RPI, the led on the pba has a very small glow, without doing anything.(this relay pba has 2x status leds) can i assume the following, that the pin gets the correct state, when being told what to do so from the script (else a small voltage on the pin if unused.)

, any idea? Not using it that way now RPI supplies the ground and power .
but that is my plan to use it as the final build.dJ5wKNh

(tonertiffi) #75

The end goal, so far all this is working 100%, thanks to allot of help from @pb66

(tonertiffi) #76

Hi @pb66 sorry for asking you again, I have acquired a 20x4 lcd I2c, it updates a hole lot quicker than the 16x2 for some strange reason. Sorry my question would i be able to use the extra 2 lines to display values.

I assume you have to alter, home/emonpi/lcd/

# MQTT Settings
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
mqtt_user = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_user')
mqtt_passwd = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_passwd')
mqtt_host = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_host')
mqtt_port = config.getint('mqtt','mqtt_port')
mqtt_emonpi_topic = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_emonpi_topic')
mqtt_feed1_topic = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_feed1_topic')
mqtt_feed2_topic = config.get('mqtt','mqtt_feed2_topic')

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Redis Settings
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
redis_host = config.get('redis', 'redis_host')
redis_port = config.get('redis', 'redis_port')
r = redis.Redis(host=redis_host, port=redis_port, db=0)

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# General Settings
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# LCD backlight timeout in seconds 0: always on, 300: off after 5 min
backlight_timeout = config.getint('general','backlight_timeout')
default_page = config.getint('general','default_page')

#Names to be displayed on power reading page
feed1_name = config.get('general','feed1_name')
feed2_name = config.get('general','feed2_name')
feed1_unit = config.get('general','feed1_unit')
feed2_unit = config.get('general','feed2_unit')
(tonertiffi) #77

Please tell me its as simple as adding in 2 more feeds :slight_smile:

(tonertiffi) #78

Here are the 2x files i tried to alter but ya no luckemonPiLCD (2).txt (18.9 KB)
emonPiLCD.txt (996 Bytes)

(Paul) #79

I’m not familiar enough with the emonPiLCD code to know offhand.

I have no doubt it is possible, maybe @glyn.hudson can give us some pointers (he wrote the current code), otherwise I will try and look into it over the next few days, but I can’t say exactly when or comment too much further until I do.

(tonertiffi) #80

Hi @pb66 much appreciated as always, thanking you

(tonertiffi) #81

Hi @pb66 i did send @glyn.hudson a message, heard nothing till now. Take it he is a busy man like you. Thanks again for all your help much appreciated.

(tonertiffi) #82

Hi @pb66 any luck with regards to the Lcd, i have tried getting hold off @glyn.hudson ,proving to be a real challenge.