PhotoTX calibrated solar irradiance sensor


  • A single channel, laboratory grade Pyranometer, (broad frequency, high precision light intensity sensor whose output is calibrated to measure irradiance in watts/m2). When we multiply its output by the size of our array, we get an instantaneous view of
    how much solar power we are capable of harvesting at any given moment.

This is very important, because in an off-grid situation, you may not be harvesting all of the available energy, e.g., when the batteries are full (floating), or when they are going through the absorbing stage of the charge cycle.

Labeled as “Solar Available Power” and visualized as grey behind the other feeds.

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Build Pics


Hi! I am working on a project to log energy consumption data as well as solar irradiance at a gas station in Costa Rica to optimize the size of a PV system.

The pyranometer that you show seems like an excellent complement to the Open Energy Monitor. Can you provide more information or guidance on how to replicate it?

Cheers, Esteban

I think we’ve already provided all the necessary information! Buy the sensor and a Moteino or similar arduino with RF transmitter. Provide power to the sensor and wire its output into one of the analog pins on the arduino. Using EmonCMS create an input and scale the values to match.

Short of making a kit, I don’t now how to make it any more simple. What part do you need help with?