No data from RFM2PI reaching emoncms

… and mention this thread.

No problem, we can send you a couple of DHT22 sensors free of charge. In fact if anyone else wants DHT22 sensors we’re also happy to send them out free of charge if you’re happy to cover shipping. We actually have some excess stock when we moved from the emonTH V1 to emonTH V2 with Si7021.

Best email [email protected] and quote your original order number.

Sorry to hear you have had trouble.

Thanks everyone :grinning: I did email sales last night cheekily asking for a replacement, and have just forwarded to support as you suggest Glyn.

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Thanks @glyn.hudson for the sensors. They have arrived and I have tried them.

You might be interested to hear that the first one I tried behaved exactly the same as the one I was having problems with. I’m guessing you sent two because you’ve seen a high failure rate?

The second worked. Sort of. It’s readings are 20% less than the good one from 1+ years ago, even when they’re side by side:)

Is this something you have seen before? I’ve just ‘calibrated’ it by adding 20 to the raw input, so will keep an eye on that. That should be good enough.