Newbie question about rated heat pump output

Thank you for all the amazing information and explanations. It has been so helpful and I have found it fascinating and it has really helped me understand the point you are making here.

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More viarbales than boilers, yes!

Imitating a setup / recipe that you know does the job is a good option. Experimenting is for those with the luxury of being able to get away with it though I think!

I hear you!

However the Samsung really is quite the unit internally…

  • Intercooled
  • Vapour injected
  • Liquid injected
  • Hot gas byapssed

Some of which improve efficiency; some of which harm efficiency. (hot gas bypass in particular is a way to provide less heat whilst using the same input power)

I don’t think you can draw the same conclusions on linearity as you might on a more basic unit without all the gubbins.

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I’d love to reverse engineer that circuit, but without a MIM-C02N hooked up I can’t access real time conditions/valve status etc, and the £200 price tag wouldn’t pass the rigid tests imposed by my Chief Finance Officer… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Think howmuch time it would occupy though @SarahH and how much peace and quiet the CFO could enjoy!

(that’s the line I use with my wife when toy shopping anyhow!)

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Now, now; we don’t want a misogyny war to break out here. :laughing:

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I wish Samsung provides same data as Mitsubishi. In all the honesty peak output is pretty useless for their HTQuiet range because they all reach the rated max. output 8KW, 12KW and 14kW even at -20C.

Min output would be more interesting and you won’t find it. Even nominal would be interesting. I don’t know what other ranges but 8KW pump can deliver min. ~2KW. But I had to find on my own. I don’t have a precise number though.