New Home and PV energy Monitoring system

A bit late now and also a bit left-field, but if you have/can get smart meters you could use a CAD and read them directly. There may also be a way to read your inverters directly?

Just a thought.


No, you cannot access the data - there is no API made available to do so. There are a number of threads here on that.

That’s what the CAD is for. Whilst it’s true there’s not one currently that gives direct local access, there are some that allow you to access indirectly via a cloud server. I currently get gas readings every 30 minutes and electricity import/export every 11 or 12 seconds ish.

What is a CAD?

It used to be an acronym for Computer Accelerated Disaster. :laughing:

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Agreed but you said…

You cannot read the data directly.

“Directly” as in data from the metering devices themselves as opposed to “indirectly” via a device which infers the value externally. The data still comes from the meter, how it gets to where it’s going is a different matter. For the purpose of the original question that’s good enough.

“Can’t” should be “There’s no way to at the moment” since there’s no reason why a CAD couldn’t make its data available via USB or the LAN, other than there isn’t one ( that I know of ) that does that ( yet ) if we must be pedantic.


It stands for “Consumer Access Device”… the CAD reads the data directly from the meters then gives access to that data in some fashion. Ideally that would be locally but currently they tend to send it to a cloud server somewhere which you can then access ( or have the data pushed back to you via something like MQTT. )

And a few other TLAs (and FLA).