Modules are configured with different bypass temperatures

Ok, if you click on “configure” for each of the modules, I bet one is different - or just click on the “global” button to save the changes

Ok, good evidence on the video!!

Looks like a bug, can I ask you to raise an issue on github?

[Issues · stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4Code · GitHub]

Thanks for your work.
Updated but the latest firmware I get a message: “Warning: Modules are configured with different bypass temperatures”.
All modules are set to the same temperature 45 degrees Celsius.

Ok, thanks.

Confirming the problem.


Thank you, does this still appear after a reboot of the wemos?

Yes, the software reboot does not help.

Okay, issue 89 has been opened for this.

Latest release

did not solve the problem

Latest release

Problem solved. But only if you set the temperature to 45 degrees on the modules of the attiny841_V420 version.

Yes, the V420 boards have a maximum 45 degree limit (hardcoded) due to issues with the location of the thermistor on the PCB. If you have performed the hardware fix for these boards (swapping R19 and R20) then you can use the “SWAPR19R20” version of the module code.