I have developed a minigrid - energy monitoring platform. It can be used together with emontx to monitor minigrid distribution, Solar production . You can calculate CO2 saved, system losses and also distribution losses.

I would like to add more features to this, but before then, I would like to test the current features it has and remove all bugs .

Current Features.

  1. Live data
  2. Historical Data
  3. PDF and CSV report system
  4. Email notification
  5. SMS notification
  6. Geographical location of minigrid site
  7. Multiple minigrid monitoring sites
  8. a Log system
  9. Based on Codeigniter
  10. Calculates CO2 saved, reference solar systems
  11. Calculates System losses
  12. Calculates distributed loses
  13. Obtains daily interruptions, How many times in a day power is lost.
  14. Can only compute power readings

Features to be Added

  1. Can read Temperature, humidity, irradiance,
  2. Can calculate C02 with reference to other source of energy
  3. can remotely be used to turn on and off power
  4. can generate a load profile and predict rate of growth of a minigrid.

I would like to field test the system as it is and add the features once everything works well


Thanks for sharing @amari! Do you have any screenshots of what your software looks like? it sounds really interesting! I would also be interested to hear more about the context of your development, do have this this running on a mini-grid? Is this your work?! looks great :slight_smile:

Another project by Alex is the Alternative Emoncms Android App

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Aha great!

Nice work on the app! and thanks for sharing the above :slight_smile: please tell us more about it!

@TrystanLea, Thanks for comment, the above link is not my work,I will try and upload some photos for you to have an idea about the platform

The platform is used to collect data for minigrids and help analyse the data so as for developers to determine,

  • rate of growth of minigrids
  • number of interruptions
  • CO2 saved

It also generates monthly, yearly and daily reports on generated and distributed energy.