Migration from OWL Intuition PV

Has anyone made the move from Owl Intuition for OEM?

I am managing to capture the UDP packet in node-red and send it through to OEM but things are not looking right, would someone be willing to share their setup with me.

I am trying to justify spending £211 for a EmonPi system but need to see it work first.


I’ve been using an owl intuition pv with emoncms on a raspberry pi. I don’t use node-red but I have a similar script to OWL Intuition (Electric and Heating and Hot Water) to Emoncms (success) that extracts the solar PV messages instead.
I run it alongside a emontx and a RFM69Pi module on the raspberrypi.

If you’re still interested I can post the details.

I think the sample data from the emontx is better than the owl data so you may want to upgrade anyway.

Owl solar app

emontx solar app