Measuring compost pile heat production via water flow temperature difference

I’m strugling with the same options. But I really like to make use of the benfits of emonHUB because emonHUB “can buffer the data, so that when posting to and the internet goes down (for example) emonHub can buffer the data from your script and post it to later, after the network comes up again”
Also posting to different/multiple accounts would be easy to setup using the intented use of openenergymonitor and therefore easier to configure by the biomeiler community instead of programming.
I also like to replace sensors without getting the senors inputlist re-ordered.
So the setup of @Stuart sounds perfect but i like to convert it to the socket interface, as far as I could found that’s the only option to make benefit of emonHUB.

Any comments on this are usefull for me.

@stephen. I had a look at grafana, looks nice of course. But then I have to program the whole local backbone, storage, backup, dashboarding, sync-with-the-cloud, etc. myself. I like the idea that with emonpi/emonCMS that whole part is covered by a userguided, community supported and webinterface platform.