M-bus to Kamstrup 403 not working

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Sorry @Aali1364 Im not familiar with that meter, have you tried contacting kamstrup themselves? They might be able to provide the software that you need to read from it via USB if that’s an option?

This is a power meter and mbus connects like the 403 kamstup project. Just tell me how to connect to Ardino. Installation steps

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Hello @Aali1364 you need an MBUS reader, the circuit is quite simple, if you want to build it yourself you could follow the libmbus documentation here libmbus/MBus_USB.pdf at master · rscada/libmbus · GitHub their software utility is also a full implementation of the MBUS protocol and a good place to start.

Thank you, I made the converter, now with what software should I connect to it
Forgive me if I ask too many questions because I do not know your language, I have to use a translator

Do I need to install Ubuntu Linux and then what?