IoTaWatt enters reboot loop

Hi everybody

I just received my new IoTaWatt. After successful installation including connecting Current Sensor (CT) and Voltage sensor (VT) and connecting to remote emon-server at openevse
After some sucessful data transmission, I configured a second input to transmit and since then the IoTaWatt entered in a reboot loop:

What did no help:

  • disconnecting single or all sensors (voltage and current)
  • hard reboot (power off)

What did help:

  • disconnecting internet connection of my local WiFi

O course this is not a definite solution.

I suppose the power consumption is excessive if connecting to remote server. I use the USB-power adaptor which came with the IoTaWatt delivery. (1.2A)

Any recommendations?

Thank you

I attach the log message of the restart-loop

** Restart **
No clock yet: SD initialized.
1/14/18 20:39:00 Real Time Clock is running. Unix time: 1515962340
1/14/18 20:39:00 Version: 02_02_27
1/14/18 20:39:00 Reset reason: Exception
1/14/18 20:39:00 Trace: 30,16,17,18,11,90,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,11,90,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,11,90,12,13,14,15,30,34,31,35
1/14/18 20:39:00 ESP8266 ChipID:457757
1/14/18 20:39:00 device name: IotaWatt, version: 3
1/14/18 20:39:00 Local time zone: 0
1/14/18 20:39:02 MDNS responder started
1/14/18 20:39:02 You can now connect to http://IotaWatt.local
1/14/18 20:39:02 HTTP server started
1/14/18 20:39:02 dataLog: service started.
1/14/18 20:39:02 dataLog: Last log entry:1515962335
1/14/18 20:39:02 statService: started.
1/14/18 20:39:02 timeSync: service started.
1/14/18 20:39:02 WiFi connected. SSID: Orange-DC3C, IP:
1/14/18 20:39:03 historyLog: service started.
1/14/18 20:39:03 historyLog: Last log entry:1515962280
1/14/18 20:39:07 EmonService: started.url:, node: IotaWatt, post interval: 10, unsecure GET
1/14/18 20:39:07 EmonService: Start posting at 1515961070

** Restart **

Hi Lukas - I had a reboot loop also. Maybe you have the same issue I did…

Hi Jon, this is exactly the same issue. Thank you.

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I opened a GitHub issue for this: