Instructions for setting up the Arduino IDE to compile the firmware:

The wonderful thing that some folk love, the Arduino IDE has lost all my settings when it updated.

The instructions for setting up the Arduino IDE to compile the firmware seem to have gone.

Can someone point me to them?

@TrystanLea can we make sure this is included in the docs. I’m sure it was there (you sent me a link) but it has gone now :frowning:

I do wish we’d dump this archaic tool and move to a modern platform like PlatformIO.

Here’s they are :slight_smile:

Well that is far too obvious… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Please make external links open a new tab on that page :slight_smile:

A note for folk wondering what this new documentation site is, from the emonTx4 thread:

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Yes I found that (looks good), just had not then read it fully :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

One thing, when setting up for first time, can you explain about the library folder. A new install needs to create it and it isn’t obvious what to do.

Secondly, setting up the board, first you need to select the board (before chip etc)

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Good idea, thank @borpin

Oh and that the USBC needs to in the right way up (in big bold text somewhere!!!).

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If that load of rubbish that moved my files around becomes mandatory, I won’t be able to help the community any more.

The Arduino might be quirky and it might be dumbed down to the point of being a thorough nuisance, but if a new installation wiped your files, you didn’t have them in the right place to begin with.

From the ‘Learn’ article about installing the libraries:

Important: This is NOT the same ‘libraries’ folder that is part of the Arduino IDE. If you put the OEM libraries in there, they will work but when you update the Arduino IDE, by default it installs in a completely new folder and you will have to move or copy these libraries. For that reason it is not recommended.

Dont worry I cant see platformio being mandatory, at least while we are using cores that run some sort of arduino based code…