How to tell if car is connected during Timer (state 254)


I am currently using the RAPI for my OpenEVSE and am looking at the different states:

EVSE State - 1 Not Connected - 2 Connected - 3 Charging - 4 Error, 254 - sleep, 255 - disabled

I have my charger on Timer mode most of the time which just shows as state 254. However despite being in this state I would still like to know if the Car is connected as I may want to implement some logic to start the charging. However the only way I have found to determine if the car is connected is to actually try to start charging ($F1) but this is not always desirable for me.

Question: How to find if car is connected when charger in state 254 (timer) without starting a charge.


I’m following because I’m interested, but also wonder if you’ve managed to find a complete list of RAPI commands anywhere? I found a link to such a list on an openenergymonitor blog, but it’s a 404!


Let us know the URL where you found the 404 error, so we can fix it. :wink:


I think the blog is OpenEVSE EV Charge Controller - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

The link is towards the end

RAPI commands can be used to control and check the status of all OpenEVSE functions. A full list of RAPI commands can be found in the OpenEVSE plus source code.

and should possibly point to

Edit - PR for correction submitted

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It was that page - OpenEVSE EV Charge Controller - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

But it was actually the 2nd link “A full list of RAPI Commands…” that I got the 404 error on.

The last link in the pasted bit below…


"There is also an OpenEVSE RAPI command python library.

RAPI commands can be used to control and check the status of all OpenEVSE functions. A full list of RAPI commands can be found in the [OpenEVSE plus source code]****("

Yes, that’s correct. Thanks for the fix :+1:


This is not yet possible. But will be possible with a open_evse controller firmware update with RAPI protocol 5.0.0 (currently in beta) and the new ESP32 wifi portal FW (also still in beta).

Hi @glyn.hudson

If we want to try the beta, where can we get an ESP32 from?

Do you have a list of models we can buy?


This ESP32 module is an easy direct swap inside the OpenEVSE:

would this one work? it a little easier to get the in UK without expensive postage

Yes, it would, will work. But you will need to manually connect up Rx and Tx lines

I managed to find another documentation for the RAPI and found this which seems to give the connected state even when in Timer 254 mode:


I think thats just what I needed.

In time, will you be selling pre-programmed versions of this as upgrades?

Yes, very soon we’re migrating to using ESP32 as standard and will be selling pre-loaded modules. We will have some in the shop in the next few weeks.

Thats great news, will wait until they are in the shop :slight_smile:

ESP32 OpenEVSE WiFi gateway is now in the shop :grinning::