How to factory reset an emonPi?


I’m getting numerous issues with the new emon PI and I want to reset it to factory defaults to start from fresh. Logged in via SSH, “sudo su” and navigated to the emonpi directory. Ran “sh factoryreset” and it came back with the error below :

[email protected](ro):emonpi# sh factoryreset
emonPi Factory reset script
factoryreset: 7: factoryreset: [[: not found
Filesystem is unlocked - Write access
type ’ rpi-ro ’ to lock
factoryreset: 16: factoryreset: Bad substitution"

Anyone any ideas how i can get my emon pi back to a good state?

This is the instructions i followed to reset the emon pi. Troubleshooting - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

No need, corrected orignal issue.


Could you share with us what it was you did?
It might be of help to other users who run into the same problem.


Yeah sure, i didn’t need to reset as i sorted the orignal issue. See post: