Getting started with Raspberry Pi 4B

Want to monitor my sdm 630 meter with a new RPi4B.

From the reading i’ve done, looks like i need to load EmonCMS image on my RPi

Is the EmonCMS image going to work with RPi4?
Is there a guide available?

If not, is it possible to monitor/log using the standard raspbian buster OS.


(did find this post from TryStanLea promising, but none of the links are working:
Raspberry Pi 4 - #21 by TrystanLea)

I have no idea if the current image will work with an RPi4.

There are some scripts in development that are working reasonably well, but should be regarded as a Beta product now - there are still one or two things to iron out, but the basic functionality is fine.

Probably the best place to start right now.

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Thanks, got all installed but run into a login screen loop when i try to enter the lightdm gui (debian 10)… enter login/password, screen black 3 seconds, ask for login/password again…

gonna try next week with a fresh SD card, but please let me know if you have any ideas in the meantime.

Ok, the system is designed to be installed on a Raspbian Lite image so no GUI. You just connect via HTTP.

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