First boot hanging at DPHYS-SWAPFILE - set up... On RASPI 2B


I just received my emonpi PCB board and pre-built SD card and on boot up is hanging at Started DPHYS-SWAPFILE - SET UP, MOUNT/UNMOUNT, AND DELETE A SWAP FILE

Any ideas? The pi is working perfectly and has been for a while? I thought the build of emonpi was Pi2 , 3 compatible etc?

When you first booted, did you give it a good long while to do all updates? If not, and you rebooted too quickly, you could have corrupted the OS. First thing would be to re-flash the SD card and try again (waiting a good while for all updates to complete).

Didn’t get to that stage - it hasn’t gotten past that

Will try reflashing the card - thnx Brian

Ah, Pi2, you say. Might be the arm frequency issue.

Personally I’d just comment out the 2 settings in the config.txt file.

@TrystanLea, please fix for next image release.

Thnx Brian - prob is am not getting to a login prompt or through boot to get to access file system etc

You need to plug the card into a PC before you boot. The file is in the boot folder.

Face palm - oh yeah - thnx again Brian

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Legend Brian - thnx again - changed to 900

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