Feeding emoncms with total counter values


First of all thank you in advance for reading this.
I’m planning to use emoncms to track my water usage.
I’m able to feed emoncms with the cummulative value that is shown in the water counter (have a smart meter that is able to send the actual value to the KNX bus).
I know usually users feed using pulses, but I thought that in case some pulses are lost (let’s say I ran out of electricity, or the computer are rebooting or any other stuff, I would not lose data; just will be written in another time.)

Let’s assume I have this following data:

  • 12:00 25,000 litres
  • 12:01 25.001 litres
  • 12:06 25.004 litres
  • 12:10 25.010 litres
  • 12:32 25.415 litres

This way my consumption should be the actual - previous data.

Could anyone point me in the right direction in order to set up inputs and feeds to get:graphs of

  • Consumption by minutes last hour
  • Consumption by hours last day
  • Consumption by weeks last 2 months
  • etc…

And yes… I have a water leak I’m not able to find :weary:

For the avoidance of doubt; as of today I’m using emoncms.org and my values are increasing measure after measure. I plan to use also a Rpi -at a later stage- and monitor both in local and in remote.
If my English is not the best… well, I’m Spanish

Again, thanks very much in advance

Hi Julio!

I may be able to point you in the right direction. I have a RasPi device that I am rebuilding (SD card went corrupt) that monitors my water usage and I don’t have access to all of the info you requested.

Like your setup I see only the cumulative value with my water meter (in gallons). But my setup only grabs and logs data once per minute.

I did this (see image below) to get the incremental values (again per minute):

There are a few forum posts that may help:

and a few others:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.
I had already seen those posts, despite did not see any mention to the “rate of change” process.

Furthermore I tried to set it up at emoncms.org and unfortunately did not find it.
Am I doing something wrong or is because emoncms.org is just a reduced version of the local installation.

Best regards and thank you again


Julio - I am not an expert with emoncms.org but I did give it a quick try. I did not see “rate of change” either. So you might be better off waiting until you get the Rpi setup and do the “rate of change” locally.

Or maybe Trystan @TrystanLea can answer if “rate of change” might be available on emoncms.org sometime soon.

After several months I’m here again to thank you.
The reason for being that late is that the installation of the water meter in my house has been a real pain. Do not want to bother you with the details but took several months installing it.

But now it’s working and providing “close to real time” measurements -KNX is not the fastest protocol in the world…

So just a fast question re your config. What engine are you using?
PHPFINA is not working for me.
PHPTIMESERIES looks better though still have to make several trial and error…

Whould you be so kind to share the rest of the config, as well as a couple of graphs?

Best regards