emonSD Nov 22 SD build MD5

SD card failed so downloading new image to new card. The MD5 published at the date of posting ( (.zip) MD5: d4d27fcc553996768366662709307dda) is different from the hash of the downloaded file (271D8D502E822E3703500A5762519C1D). The earlier Jul21 hash is correct for the zip file, so I don’t think it is me!
I’m not up to building from the repository myself.

I think it’s probably not you. Do a search of the forum - IIRC, this has been spotted and reported some months ago.

Thanks Robert. I did a search on md5 but perhaps should have searched on the release too

Again, the incorrect checksum on this build has caused concerns. Can it be corrected please?

Apologies, this has now been fixed