emonPi and Krack Exploit

I am running an EmonPi which is running a Krack vulnerable version of the wpa_supplicant. Is there a patch in the works or what is the process to upgrade without wacking all of my data etc.


Ah you beat me to it! I’ve just posted:

Yes, it’s easily patched thanks to hardworking Linux folks. Big :+1: for open source. Linux and ESP8266 community has released patches before Google.

Glyn -

Thank You. I knew about the patch I just wasn’t sure if it would affect anything else emonPi related if I did it that way. Thanks for the quick reply!

Applying the patch will update all packages installed on the emonPi. I’ve verified this will not cause any detrimental effects to any emonPi functions. Please report any issues.

Will do. I will plan on making a copy of the SD card first and running it this weekend. If I have any issues, I will let everyone know!

Always I good idea. I will add a note to mention that on my update guide post :+1:

Yeah…you only make that mistake once !! :slight_smile:

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