EmonHub Issues after updating to 9.9.2

Hi all,

I performed an update to Emoncms 9.9.2 this evening, unfortunately have run into a number of subsequent issues. Some of these I have resolved, for example the issue covered here Device persistent db update request, but have not managed to fix EmonHub yet.

I was previously running the old pre-Pi version of EmonHub, which I had held off upgrading because I didn’t want to change my MQTT configuration (i.e. move from the model of publishing through Emoncms to the model of direct publish from EmonHub). Thinking the fault might be related to the outdated EmonHub, I just spent the last hour upgrading to the new version and sorting out all of the node decoders (my nodes are on non-standard ID’s because they predate the standard). However I am getting exactly the same error:

2018-10-22 21:02:36,716 WARNING emoncms send failure: wanted ‘ok’ but got ’

Fatal error: Call to a member function hset() on boolean in /var/www/emoncms/Modules/process/process_processlist.php on line 1344

Interestingly, immediately after a service restart the emonTX power value is correctly updated in Emoncms and then it breaks. Does anyone have any bright ideas?

This is a self-install on an RPI 2 running Jessie.


PS. I’m also now getting a “ReferenceError: _Tr_Vis is not defined” error dialog every time I load a Dashboard page, probably unrelated though.
PPS. My new install of EmonHub is correctly publishing all of the nodes to MQTT, so this appears to be purely an Emoncms issue.

Ok, I have fixed this.

Had a look at line 1344 of process_processlist.php, found it referred to ‘publish_to_mqtt’ from Emoncms. Went to the Inputs page and removed all Publish to MQTT process actions (I don’t need them any more having spent all this time updating EmonHub). Immediately it comes good.

Not sure if Publish to MQTT from Emoncms is broken, or whether the config has changed somewhere (settings.php looks the same to me). Not going to dig further this evening.

That just leaves the ‘ReferenceError: _Tr_Vis is not defined’ error on Dashboards, and the fact I cannot edit Dashboards and widgets don’t display. Getting there…



‘ReferenceError: _Tr_Vis is not defined’ now resolved with a git pull in /Modules/Dashboard, which I was 99% certain I had already done as I went through all the Modules folders earlier.

Mods: delete this rambling thread if you wish, otherwise I’m leaving it here in case anyone else has similar experiences.

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Thanks for reporting @andy_l. I will note your findings in update release notes today.

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