Emoncms V9.9.7+ Release

Emoncms v9.9.7 is now available alongside updates to related emoncms modules.

There has been a lot of emoncms development activity over the last few months. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed! I’ve tried to summarize and link to commits below, sorry if I have missed any contributions:

Emoncms Core and Module release version info:


  • For emonPi & emonBase users the above is all available now by clicking emonPi/emonbase Update in the emoncms administration menu.

  • If you are running a custom installation of emoncms, feel free to update the core, or any specific module as you wish. There is still work ongoing on automating the update process for custom installations. Other than core and module updates the other main difference is the renaming of phpmqtt_input service to emoncms_mqtt service. This is a non breaking change as the original service is still present in the repository. See the readme here for details on how to remove the old mqtt_input service and install the new emoncms_mqtt service: emoncms/install-service-emoncmsmqtt.md at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

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The latest version is now 9.9.8, includes a fix for a missing icon on the feed list view.

Services not starting after reboot on older emonSD-26Oct17 image (Fixed)

Thanks to @IM35461 @borpin @pb66 @Greebo for finding this bug on the older image, see: https://community.openenergymonitor.org/t/services-not-restarting-on-upgrade-to-9-9-7

This issue has now been fixed, if you are upgrading after 11:30am 4th of March the update process include the fix and services will start on reboot as expected.

Unfortunately users who have updated prior to this fix will need to login via SSH and start service-runner manually to initiate the update process to then fix for subsequent updates. The command to do this once logged in is:

sudo servicectl start service-runner

then run emonpi update from the emoncms Administration menu.

Sorry for not catching this issue sooner.

Note: It can take 5 minutes for all the services to come online after a reboot on jessie. The new stretch image is a bit faster. This caught me out to start with as I thought none of the services where starting but they did all start up fine after a couple of minutes.