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Emoncms feeds

operating system linux ubuntu latest version.

And the other 2 questions?

It was working normally, I have another emoncms working with the same system, what happened was when I created a feed and pointed to mysql.

So 2 instances of emoncms, on the same server, pointing to the same SQL database?

chmod +x

So there are two different virtual machines as well, and they are different banks, how do I update the emoncms that is wrong?
I used your script to install, the same as you posted the video, remember that?

Did you edit the config file as per Install EmonCMS on Ubuntu 18LTS with scripts?

yes, I followed in the footsteps of the video

Where are the emoncms images stored?
Could you pass on that information?

There are no images for Ubuntu just for a RaspberryPi

What exactly did you do?

What do you have on the Inputs page?

the logo, background?


I only created new feed when I updated the site presented error.

I couldn’t find him.
Do you have a way to report the path on the command line?
and also tell you where the background image is?

Hello @Geinian_Gomes it might be worth trying to delete and recreate the mysql database, it sounds like something went wrong when you tried creating a mysql feed?, mysql had limited support compared to phpfina and phptimeseries feed engines so it might be worth trying those first.

Okay, I’ll take this test.

how do generate script for only dashboard and graphs on the emoncms screen?

And how do I activate multi user mode to register in emoncms?

How do I leave emoncms read-only to other users?

Hello @Geinian_Gomes

This might be of interest for copying dashboards:
Portable emoncms dashboards (looking for testers)

To enable multi-user mode, in the [interface] section in settings.ini add the following line:

enable_multi_user = true

Its not possible to create read-only account for other user users unfortunately.

how to implement access types for users as administrator, public and superuser ?
If possible, where can I implement in the source code ?

How do I change the background screen of the emoncms login area?


how to display only the DemandShaper screen and the emoncms Dashboards after the user login?

Is there a separate script for each screen?