Emoncms docker container in ingress mode

I restarted the Pi and noticed these out of memory items appearing on the consol they stopped when I stopped the addon

No I do not have MariaDB running. My machine is a Raspberry Pi4 (rpi4-64)

If I load MariaDB will that interfere with the SQLite Web

No it should not not interfere

if the mariadb addon is running fine, the log should be like that one :
core_mariadb_2024-05-02T14-33-00.714Z.txt (4.7 KB)
On that log extract, you see it is not failing on [Note] InnoDB: File system buffers for log disabled (block size=4096 bytes) like for the emoncms addon

It is just a test, after you can uninstall the mariadb addon

as you are running PI4, I don’t see what’s going wrong…

The only difference with my setup and yours is HA version. My setup is the following :

I’ve just tested on another arm64 machine (jetson nano), made a fresh pull of the alexjunk/emoncms:alpine3.19_emoncms11.5.0_1 image (the one you are using in the addon), launched a container and it is working, but block size is 512 not 4096

maybe try to uninstall and reinstall emoncms addon…

@JohnSchols : any progress on that ? Could you manage to make it work ?
working fine on my side with

  • Core 2024.5.3
  • Supervisor 2024.05.1
  • Operating System 12.2
  • Frontend 20240501.1

@alexandrecuer Hi, thanks for the follow up. No, I haven’t managed to get it going so have put it aside. I don’t think I have enough nerve to tinker about too much. Thanks

Adding the Glances addon gives you a really good idea of what is happening re memory under the hood.

Okay, great I’ll give it a shot at the weekend

Brian or anyone else, can you help please. I’ve loaded Glances, set a user name and password in the configuration, restarted HA, but when i start Glances I’m getting a 502: Bad gateway error code.

Is there anything else I need to change in the configuration?

@JohnSchols : From my little experience with HA, Glances normally starts up without having to touch anything in the configuration. Did you face any troubles while installing HA ? I assume you followed one of these methods : Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant or Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

Okay, uninstalled the app. Reinstalled but did not change user name from that given. Re started HA. Opened glances got the 502 error offered retry option which I took and hocus pocus it started. Thanks.

Ok fine, you should try exactly the same with the emoncms addon : uninstall reinstall

Hi, restarted Glances again this morning and checked the logs, do these warning mean i need to do something to fix?