emonCMS Configuration For Recording Pulse Counting Gas Consumption

I did think I had this working but after the pulse count got reset to zero it all went wrong.

Thus I started again on 9.9.8 and since then I have made more of a mess.

I added the accumulator to try and save the data when the pulse count returns to zero (done this twice now on 9.9.8 on unit restart).

But all the accumulator seems to do is double the readings for every day.

Is there any easy and accurate guide to configure the inputs and feed settings to record gas consumption. I have a classic meter with reed switch and that is all connected.

Many thanks

Hi Mike,

What processes are you using on your input? In this thread:

Paul recommended using the “Total pulse count to pulse increment” processor followed by an accumulator to process pulses, thos may help with your issues.