emonCMS all in one simulator in progress

As a part of a future training program I am about to make an all in one EmonCMS simulator.
Webpage is running from a USB thumbdrive (USB Server – USB Device Server).

As input I am programming a software that will simulate an EmonTX 3. At the moment it is running without a grafic user interface… just to prove the concept… trying to make the input look real… the power input from a solar PV. where the wattage will follow the daytime clock of the PC it is running on… could also be a different PC, could also send data to http://emoncms.org

My plan is to bundle it all together in a single zip file that will run out af the box…

the is still work in progress but the interface will look somthing like this:



Have you had any thoughts about (optionally) running faster than real time, to illustrate how daily totals etc work - without waiting 24 hours?

no not at this moment…
just trying to simulate inputs so a student could learn to make feeds and dashboards… but could be an option later…


Nice! I can see that being useful for Emoncms testing. Could it be made to work as a web-app?

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Hi Glyn

hmm not by me, I am not that good programming web apps…

I have it running now… the interface look like this:

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think I can make it run faster… unixtime is the keyword here…

Got it, now I can simulate an entire day, week , month or year


made a new topic for the download here EmonCMS and EmonTx3 v1.1 simulator ready for download