Emonbase display and buttons

I have connected at 2x16 lcd display to my emonpi (raspberry PI3). and it works like on a Emonpi…
Now I would like to connect two buttons, one for safely powering down and one for cycling through the different displays (wake the display). Is that possible and how??

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Looking at the emonpi schematic, the display button is connected to GPIO23 (pin 16) of the RPi and as it has a pulldown configured I expect the other side of the button to be 3.3v

Likewise the shutdown button is connected to GPIO17 (pin 17) but normally comes via the emonpi add-on board which is configured to hold the pin low and bring high to initiate shutdown, so a pushbutton to 3.3v should work here too.

Thanks for the response. Tried it out and figured how to make it. I made a small instruction.

Adding a LCD display to a Raspberry PI.pdf (321.0 KB)

It works like a charm and next up will be to 3D print an enclosure…


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Thanks for confirming it worked ok and for attaching the pdf, I have taken the liberty of copying your 2 pictures here to save interested parties the trouble of downloading the pdf. Perhaps they might even get copied to the wiki or somewhere they can be easily found/referenced.

No problem, just Waiting for the LCDs to arrive then I will post some pictures…


First prototype of the emonBase with buttons and LCD display!!



Hi Henrik,

I hope you are still around.
I tried to follow your example but I got somehow stuck.

I have tried to follow the schematics as far as the wiring is concerned. Where exactly are the connections made? With the emonBase, the RF module is also in the way.
When I do the wiring as I think it is planned, I only get white blocks in the first display line.
Is there anything else that needs to be unlocked in the code or is that already included like with the emonPi?

Glad to get any help.