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EdiMax SmartPlug Smart plug nodeRED and Emoncms

Yes! Safe to use! Make sure you make a good backup of your system before running any big update (such as this one).

I’ve run this same command again (since the above post) and I am up to these versions:
Node-RED version: v0.17.5
Node.js version: v6.11.4
npm version: v3.10.10

Sorry for the Noob question, but by “good backup” do you mean a backup using the mechanism provided by EmonCMS (as documented in the guide), or a full backup of the SD card (through some form of cloning).
I’ve never attempted to do the latter with a RPi…

That is a hard question to answer for someone else. It depends on what you are willing to lose if bad happens.

I have 2+ years of data, many self-written scripts, some lite emonPi code customization, and 20+ node-red flows so I do a full backup.

If you have data and nothing else custom or self-written, then the backup using the mechanism provided by EmonCMS should be OK.

Hope this helps!