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Connectivity to Schneider XW+ and XANBUS

I have a Schneider (XW inverter plus 2 MPPT chargers), with USB interface to the Xanbus.
Has anyone managed to connect this type of equipment and get input from it?

I realize this is an older thread, but I have been looking at this myself. I have SE XW+ inverters, 60-150 MPPT charge controllers, battery monitor and ComBox. Obviously the ComBox already provides monitoring plus system configuration and control. But I am interested in collecting the data in an Open Source solution and integrate with Home Automation, etc.

I have come across some other efforts to crack the Xanbus protocol, which is a proprietary CAN bus implementation. I will collect some references on the topic and post here.

My initial thoughts are to adapt the emonTX to interface to Xanbus RJ-45 or RS-485, which are the two options to connect to Schneider equipment. Again I will do some research and post a summary here.

Here are a number of links on interfacing to Xanbus:

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My take on the above is that Xanbus is a proprietary CAN-bus implementation, and Schneider has implemented encryption keyed off their device serial numbers to prevent third part configuration and control. Furthermore, if you do crack their protections and modify parameters via third party means, it will nullify your warranty. I understand why, and am not going to fight that battle, yet. There are some glimmers of hope to be able to extract data from Xanbus for read only purposes, but I need to do a lot more research.

Something that I came upon revisiting this is that SE provides Modbus via RS-485 and TCP/IP through their ComBox and Conext Gateway. Although this is not an Open Source solution, it does provide a start point that will allow me to begin utilizing emonCMS and learning more about the OEM stack. I already have a ComBox, so I am setting up an Ubuntu server, install emonCMS and attempt to feed Modbus data via TCP/IP. The following link is the Modbus mappings for all the SE devices, most of which I posses.

Combox Modbus Support

I will post my progress here. Please advise if I should start a new topic, split or whatever.

Hi, this is great, keep us posted if you manage to crack it.
I feed enmonCMS, but through external sensors, not direct modbus interface - it is pretty accurate, though.

Shame SE doesn’t open their system… this is so 1980s…

Please let me know if you manage to read anything. Write would be even better !!!


I have made some progress on accessing Schneider Electric devices through their Conext ComBox. I have been able to set up an Arduino Uno with Wiznet 5100 Ethernet shield, and utilizing the ArduinoModbus library have been able to query Modbus registers from the SE devices. It is all very simplistic right now, but I am confident that I have all the technical pieces to access any SE device via Modbus over TCP/IP, and feed it to any network service. My next step is to create a simple service running on the Arduino that will query SE devices and produce JSON output.

I have also made some progress on my emonCMS installation. It is taking longer that expected to build out a new set of servers which was already in process. I had planned to run emonCMS on one of the new servers, this should move along faster in the next couple weeks.

Hi Daniel,

Have you had any luck in progressing this further?

I’m still super interested. Two objectives for me: integrate into my home management system (Vera), and be able to control the solar chargers with a better algorithm than Schneider’s which drives me crazy sometimes - it is so inefficient in using sun hours…