Connecting emonBase and emonTx

I bought an emonBase (RaspberryPi RF add-on: RFM69Pi - 433Mhz, Raspberry Pi 2 & 4GB Pre-built SD card) and a emonTx V3 and having challenges getting started. I intend to use to monitor and log the calls for heat from the heating zones of my house (24v ac). They both are started up and running, however I don’t know how to connect the 2 units (yes, I should have bought the integrated unit) and get the applications running. When the emonBase starts up it leaves me at the terminal [email protected]:~# Can any one suggest my next steps or direct me to a setup guide?


Hi Don,

The emonBase should automatically receive data from the emonTx, no pairing is required. The emonBase is designed to be used ‘headless’ without a monitor connected. To logon to Emoncms running on the emonBase you will need to find the IP address of the emonBase (via your router DHCP table or use the Fing mobile app) and then browse to this IP address using your web browser. Once you can see the emoncms login you can then follow the setup guide, ignore the wifi connection part if you are not using WiFi:

Thanks Glyn, that helped a lot. I was able to connect, create an account and start the setup.


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