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Another broken link & product specificity

Thanks, that’s been removed. Change may take a while to become live

If I click the link provided by @djh from my mobile it shows the message he has reported. From my PC, running chrome, it only briefly shows the message for a split second then goes to the blank page you and @Robert.Wall see.

The link should display this page (but via the oem site not from the source on github)

learn/ at master · openenergymonitor/learn · GitHub

much like a similar page such as

learn/ at master · openenergymonitor/learn · GitHub

is seen at

Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

The page was edited 6mths ago, is it possible that the file’s properties have been altered? If both the “” and “” files are there then both should ideally be available to navigate to.

I’m not convinced that deleting the link to a non-functional but valid page from the menu is the right solution. (The “12-input-pulse-counting” is also on the menu and that works fine).

Does that mean we’re no longer interested in reading and monitoring energy consumption indicated by the gas meter?

Yes, I’m using Firefox and the error message is partially obscured by the blue page header. I needed to select No Style in the Page Style menu to see the full message.

I agree with Paul and Robert that it would be better to repair the page than remove links to it. I didn’t give the source of the link for that reason. As well as the link in the menu, there are certainly links at the bottom of the preceding page etc, and there may be links elsewhere on the site - I have no idea.

Gas metering has now been fixed and restored: