Active development topics

Update 22 Feb 17: This page is currently being updated and does not yet reflect all active development.

Summary of active development projects

  • Emoncms and - see second post below outlining our focus areas for ongoing emoncms development.

  • Android App V2 update

  • HeatpumpMonitor: ESP8266 WIFI based energy monitor with MBUS (Kamstrup 402 & 403) heat meter support for monitoring Heatpumps + Software support: Heatpump specific dashboard (Similar to MySolar and MyElectric) and automatic device configuration for easy setup.

  • EmonPixel: ESP8266 WIFI Pixel display

  • EmonLibCM: Continuous sampling version of EmonLib, Development by Robert Wall.

  • OpenEVSE OpenEnergyMonitor integration: Controlling EV charge rate to follow home solar output .

  • Open Energy Toolkit: Documentation of the use of MyHomeEnergyPlanner to create household energy assessments and examples of how to cross check the model results with data collected from energy monitoring in order to improve the reliability of the predicted effect of applying measures such as: improving building fabric and switching heating systems.

  • CydYnni EnergyLocal Community Energy aggregation app.

April 2017

  • OpenEVSE Integration: Solar EV Charging
  • Emoncms Group module
  • UK Grid visualisation back online
  • CydYnni EnergyLocal App development
  • Emoncms Device autocreate mod - working towards automatic inputs and feeds configuration triggered by MQTT node/describe topic device:autocreate, to be used with: emoncms:device-autocreate
  • Emoncms: fast efficient bulk feed uploading tool and API to be used as part of Emoncms Local → Remote Synchronisation development. feed-upload branch

March 2017

  • OpenEVSE Integration: Solar EV Charging
  • Emoncms Groups module
  • CydYnni EnergyLocal App development
  • infrastructure scaling
  • Emoncms Local → Remote Synchronisation

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

  • Zero Carbon Energy Model: more advanced treatment of battery storage - now used for peak shifting (github)

  • HeatpumpMonitor - new firmware example with automatic DS18B20 sensor address scanning - unique ID passed through to emoncms (commit) + CT only mode.

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

Old development topics

Copied from the old website labs page:

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Emoncms development plan:

June-July 2014

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

  • Forum post: Emoncms development log March 2014
    A forum post to try and summaries the state of emoncms development with open discussion on features.

  • Forum post: Emoncms development
    A pre emoncms v8 release forum post discussing the new features: node interface, improved feed engines, my electric mobile friendly dashboard.

  • Forum post: Debian packaging emoncms & modules
    Dave McCraw has been developing debian package installation and update method for emoncms, simplifying the installation and update procedure on debian linux systems, this has been one of the most active development discussion topics this month.

  • Forum post: New system build guides
    A start on two new build guides that aim to document from start to finish the setup of the OEM system for particular applications. Focusing around the question of what do we need for this particular application and how can the steps needed to get it up and running be reduced, and the process made easier.

  • Forum post: emonPi early prototype -ideas?
    Development of a raspberrypi shield monitoring board and all in one monitoring, RPi + harddrive unit.

  • Multi zone scheduler heating control
    Development of a multi zone scheduler heating controller module/interface for emoncms, plus the documentation to how you build a system using it.

  • MyElectric dashboard improvements

  • Blog post: emonTx V3 Antenna Testing

  • Blog post: Direct connection emonTx V3 > Raspberry Pi GPIO

February 2014

See forums and blog posts for historical development going back to 2009.

Gas Meter Monitoring

Gas meter monitoring (from pulse output meter)
Gas Meter Types

Water metering

Water monitoring (from pulse output meter)

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Emoncms development outline, last updated 4th May 2017

The following summarises the main focus areas for ongoing emoncms development, detailing our view of where emoncms is going next.

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