A taste of things to come? - UK smart meter data access

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(Gustavo) #41

I believe in most cases the energy supplier delegates the management and data collection to a third party (SMSO). Based on what I read, it seems Secure Meters, the manufacturer of Liberty 100, also provide such SMSO service to energy providers installing their meters. In this case, if you swap providers, your old energy provider might no longer have access to your meter readings (nor will the new provider), but the SMSO will remain having full control. Hence why moving the devices from SMSO to the DCC (regulated entity) becomes a more appealing prospect. I decided to switch providers and I can see that my device is still connected to the WAN (i.e. SMSO’s communications network). It is quite discomforting to know that a third party not linked in any way to me (or my energy supplier) still have access to my energy usage data. Not much I can do until my meter is either replaced or transitioned.

(Brian Orpin) #42

Do you have a list of all the SMSO companies?

I’d be intrigued as to the ICO’s take on this. I might just ask them if they regard energy data as ‘Personal Information’.

(Gustavo) #43

I do not have a full list, but you can see how the solution works on Secure Meters’ webpage:

I suspect we are not given much visibility on who our energy suppliers use to maintain our meters (i.e. act as SMSO on their behalf). Having said that, an easier route for them is to use the manufacturer’s own managed services (provided they provide such service). I assume this issue might eventually go away when old meters are finally transitioned to DCC. Even after this final enrolment, I am not entirely sure if SMSOs will still play a part though.

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@borpin, I was able to find the following SMSOs from DCC development plans.

Service Providers:

  • CGI Instant Energy;
  • Trilliant Networks;
  • Secure Meters;
  • Morrison Data Systems (MDS);
  • EDMI

The document used as reference was:

(Brian Orpin) #45

This has really piqued my interest from a data privacy point of view. Next time I get a call trying to get me to install one, I may just ask some pertinent questions… In the meantime, an FOI to Ofgem for a list of SMSOs is a start.