5 hours of no updating of Feeds

All my feeds are caught up. They finished catching up around 6pm EST (New York timezone) yesterday. I was part of the group that was back logged. When I look now, everything is within 10 seconds of being updated last.

My feeds are 45 hours behind now. I am uploading data using Node Red, but it doesn’t seem to report any errors. Anything I can check?

Well i am not even getting anything. I deleted the inputs, waiting for them to refresh, rebooted the emonpi, update it and still no inputs available. Emonpi is connected to emoncms.org but emoncms dont receive inputs info or refreshing it.
Any sugestions?

Thankyou All. To confirm the queue is full clear as of 24h ago.

@barche, @CelsoHenriques I cant see anything that might be causing the issue on emoncms.org, so Im not sure whats going wrong there, @barche do you see any ‘ok’ replies?

Sorry, it was my mistake. When initially seeing no updates, I rebooted the emonPi, and it seems I misconfigured the static network settings so DNS was not set at boot. Working fine again now, thanks!

Sorry, i made a newbie mistake too. Since i reset my emonpi, i forgot to add the emoncms api key to emonhub, so, its normal that it didnt receive the information. Sorry TrystanLea. I edited the api key and its working fine now.

Great, good to hear!