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4 CT emonBase using emonTx and Pi Zero W

For completeness, I have a short (200 mm) length of ribbon cable with 6-pin header plug to header socket, which I always use on one end of the programmer to allow it to be not ‘fixed’ to whatever while I’m using it, and a USB extension lead on the other end.
OK, my use case is probably different to most because my almost exclusive use of all emon kit is either answering problems here or developing sketches.

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Might be interesting to test it with the zero strapped to the case of the emonTX just to see if there is any issue with the wifi. Although fully understand the concept of having the zero fairly rigidly attached to the side of the TX

Good point, might be an idea then to have some indication (*) to show that some configurations can be DIYed at a lower cost.

Hmmm - not sure about this one. It should certainly be an option on the configuration drop down when you are ordering and something to indicate it might well be a useful option. The emotional difference between £7 uplift when you are ordering and maybe don’t yet realise you need it and the £3 difference when you do find you need it isn’t comparable for me. Folks might not even notice the £3 extra it has cost them when they find they do need one. But let’s leave that to Trystan and Glynn.

Now I have found this thread (no idea why I would not remember it), I’m reviving it as I wonder if you did any more on this @Robert.Wall, @pb66?

I think it is a great idea and definitely worth looking at again @TrystanLea.

I did nothing further because it would involve big changes/additions to emonHub, and life’s too short to learn everything about everything.

If you’re going to move the greater part of the processing into the Pi, then it’s definitely worth, not pursuing, but looking at again in a fresh light with a view to doing the minimum - really only the data collection - inside the emonTx.

I’m still not sure how that will run with still handling serial data from the RFM, but it’s got to be worth a look.