Wrong month on bargraph visualisation

The month displayed on the bargraph legend does not correspond to the actual month.
The month of June that appears on the legend is actually the month of July and so on (see attached file).
The date displayed on the emonPi screen is however correct.
How to fix it?
Thanks and regards

What version of emoncms are you running? when did you last update?

I just checked this (not on an emopnpi) and it appears to be correct and I notice the date is in a different location so there are noticeable differences aside from the data labelling.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your answer.

Please find my emoncms informations in attached file.

My Solar emonPi was bought and installed recently (july 2018). The LCD display show « emon SD 26oct17 ».

I assume you are on the “stable” branch of emoncms if you’re running an emonPi/SD so that is “release 9.8.31” rather than “latest 9.8.31” (aka master branch) and looking at the source code there are some changes to the phptimeseries engine removing some erroneous “+1 adjustments”. Are these feeds phptimeseries?

If so, the stable version will get updated with the changes in due course, you can either hang for a while or alternatively you can switch to using the master branch to get the changes immediately. It does look like just a display issue rather than a issue in the way the data is collected or stored so it should all come good when the changes are applied.

Hi Paul,

My feed list indicates that the engine is “PHPFINA”.

I am not a user with enough experience to understand what this means, and I do not know how to go to the main branch either. So, it seems to me preferable to wait for an update of the stable branch.

Thanks for your advices.