Would like a second scale at the right side of graph area in mysolarpv

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have a modified version of mysolarpv where I am displaying my gas usage in Watts in lieu of the solar Watts, alongside my electric Watts. However I reduce the gas Watts graph values to 1/4 size because the highest peaks are about four times the highest electric peaks, and more common, thus causing the autoscaler to reduce all the peaks in order to fit the tallest gas ones into the display area. This makes the electric Watts difficult to see as they are all squashed into the bottom of the graph.

I therefore have a need for a second scale in yellow at the right of the graph to show the scale of the gas peaks. This would be a duplicate of the existing scale but the legends would be four times values of the legends at the left.

I have been eyeballing the code in various places for days, and the key seems to be in the jquery.flot.js script, but boy is it hard to understand. I am also not convinced that modifying this for just one app is a good idea.

Is this something anyone can help me with?

Ok, should have read a bit more widely, but this is now also working, apart from the colour. The API.md file explains a lot, and it also turns out that I no longer need to reduce the size of my gas watts, as using two y axes lets jquery.flot.js scale both separately, and scales the tick text on both sides appropriately, too. Very Cool!

I have to say, that this whole project has shown just how capable the opensource community is, I have been continuously impressed with the level and depth of thought that has gone into so many aspects of the whole openenergymonitor program and the resources it has created and found. That so much quality software and hardware is out there, and free from commercial control, is just so heartening.

My Thanks