Working with data captured from a mechanical gas meter

I made use of a hall sensor on my gas meter with my emontx and as a result have pulses - which is a great start.

However, I am struggling to get my head around turning these into something that graphs well / of use.

Sure I can convert it into a total since day one, through m^3 of gas, adjusting that, converting to m^3 / kW and cost … but whichever way I cut it I seem to get a graph that’s about as much use as ‘uptime’. Some advice on chopping this into kW/h or daily consumptions would be great - as I appear to be failing to the point of just letting it collect pulses, accrued m^3, kW, and cost.

Thank you in advance (even if this is a ‘read this’).

I thought there was something in the guide on using a pulse count but couldn’t see it. If you search the forum there is quite a lot on pulse counting and using the accumulator so that is your best bet.