WLAN temperature and humidity node?

Does anyone know a ready-to-use temperature and humidity logger that can send the data to an emoncms server via WLAN?

You don’t want an emonTH with an ESP8266 hung on it, plus a 5 V USB power supply? (because WLAN & batteries don’t go well together).

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Thank you Robert, that would be a possible work-around. However, I would prefer a solution without hardware modifications because the devices will have to travel long distances by post and still work reliably.

You could use a Sonoff TH https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-th.html

Depending on your comfort level, you could put the Tasmota firmware on it which makes it relatively easy to configure. You used to be able to do that OTA but Sonoff have put paid to that. You need to physically write the Tasmota firmware to the device now.

[edit] It does need a mains supply but I’m sure I found someone somewhere who had powered it by 5V (obviously the switching was then redundant).

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